Welcome to cantelli music.

We offer project management, artist support, marketing and secretarial services for classical musicians and ensembles. The concept is simple and fair: you choose one or more of our services, decide on a billing model and receive a non-binding offer from us. As soon as we receive the “Go” from you, we get started. Invoicing will be carried out very uncomplicatedly via invoice after the service has been rendered.

We are:

  • work on call
  • our team consists of many experienced cultural managers, so that we are always ready for action
  • we also work by arrangement at night, on weekends & holidays
  • minute-accurate billing, without employee contract & period of notice
  • no continued payment of wages in case of illness & vacation
  • no continued pay if no service is required
  • no wage continuation payments due to notice periods
  • no ancillary wage costs & social security contributions
  • no costs for office space & working materials
  • no costs for the storage location of your documents
  • no costs for your business liability insurance
  • short contact paths and quick feedback on your enquiries
  • after a short handover we work completely independently
  • clear price structure and transparent invoicing
  • easy payment by bank transfer or PayPal
  • through our extensive experience and our large network of freelance culture managers, we can also handle more complex or very urgent tasks without any problems
  • we work exclusively with experienced culture managers with an affinity for classical music and can therefore guarantee the best quality at all times
  • due to our multiple orders, we can create synergies between the projects and network you with important players
  • by outsourcing the organizational activities to us as professionals, you can fully concentrate on your artistic work without having to bear the responsibility for a permanent employee and without fixed monthly costs
  • we work 100% digitally with freelancers and do not need our own office space, so we can offer our service at any time and at very good conditions
  • you only pay for the service actually rendered
  • clear price structure, transparent invoicing
  • low costs
  • only pay for orders that have been fulfilled to your satisfaction
  • exclusive cooperation with experienced cultural managers
  • no employment contract
  • no obligation to register and deregister with the premium collection agency
  • no monthly payroll accounting
  • no rent & maintenance of office space
  • no purchase of working materials




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